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Ohori Capital invests funds & resources into small to medium sized enterprises involved the development of renewable energy or energy efficient technologies. Ohori Capital also provides support services to companies in such areas as business partner searches, project management, product development, technology management, marketing, sales support and strategic business planning.

Our focus is on assisting companies to enter the Japanese market, or helping Japanese companies find opportunities overseas in the areas of renewable energy and sustainable economy technologies. Such technologies include solar power, wind power, hybrid marine power, emission reduction technologies, marine computer control systems and power management solutions.

We also help to establish global alliances between companies to assist with new product introduction or the launching of new business ventures.

At Ohori Capital we take a flexible approach in dealing with the companies we work with and can tailor a solution to suit your company's business needs.

Our company also manages and supports the Aquarius Technology & Innovation Forum. This forum was established by Ohori Capital to help small-medium sized enterprises find technology and business partners who can assist them to launch solutions & products not only in Japan, but also across the Asia Pacific region and globally as well. The forum is based in Fukuoka and includes companies from Asia, Europe and North America.In 2020 this forum was incporated into the Eco Marine Power Research Institute.

"Ohori" is a Japanese word meaning a defensive castle moat. This name reflects our considered approach to both investing and business planning. Our aim in both investing and working with our clients is to consider the long term view and build a solid and secure base from which to expand.

Ohori Capital Pty. Ltd is an Australian registered company with operations in Sydney, Australia and Fukuoka, Japan.


Ohori Capital Joins Eco Marine Power Research Institute
13th August 2020

Eco Marine Power Granted Patent for Aquarius MRE System
31st January 2016

Aquarius MAS with Marine Solar Power Installed on Blue Star Delos
30th October 2014

Ohori Capital to Support Aquarius Innovation Lab
9th February 2014

Aquarius Technology and Innovation Forum Established
22nd June 2013

Asia Pacific Technology Forum Expanded
6th December 2012

Eco Marine Power Unveils Aquarius Eco Ship Concept
29th January 2012

Ohori Capital to assist Eco Marine Power find strategic investors
29th August 2011

Eco Marine Power short-listed for Sustainable Shipping Awards
31st June 2011

Eco Marine Power - Aquarius system development continues
22nd February 2011

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