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Eco Marine Power  Japan based technology company focused on the development of innovative eco-friendly marine renewable energy solutions for sustainable shipping. Products include the Aquarius Management & Automation System (MAS). Current development projects include the Aquarius MRE SystemTM, EnergySailTM and Medaka Eco Commuter Ferry.

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KEI System Co. Ltd. is an Osaka (Japan) based developer of a range of type approved control and computers systems used in the shipping industry including the KEI 3240 Valve Control System. KEI also undertakes development work into such areas as real time control systems used for monitoring, instrumentation and control applications both for marine and land use.


Optistring Technologies AB is in the process of developing a unique power inverter system for grid connected solar power installations. Our proprietary technology substantially improves energy harvest and system profitability for solar PV power systems.


Teramoto Iron Works has been committed to the manufacture of crane components and lifting gear since its astablishment in 1934 in Onomichi, one of the last remnants of old Setouchi. The company is also involved in a number of marine renewable energy development projects.

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