Investment Process

Although we tend to take a flexible approach and remain open to any opportunities, there are some key steps we need to address as part of our investment process.

Initial Meeting

At the first meeting we aim to review the applicable business plan (or draft business plan), review the risks and opportunities and discuss what type of support our business could provide. The main purpose of this initial meeting is to explore how all parties could work together and if agreed, plan a series of actions for moving onto the next step. We are particularly interested in companies in the technology and renewable/green energy sectors especially where there is a market for the company's products in Japan & North Asia.

Business Opportunity Review

At this stage, we would expect to review a formal business plan that includes a solid risk management plan. At this point we would also undertake some initial due diligence activities and discuss with our potential partner the need for any preliminary legal requirements such as a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). After this review, all parties would then decide if work would continue in preparing for the Business Tollgate Meeting.

Business Tollgate Meeting

This is effectively a Go/No Go decision meeting where a final review of the business plan, risks and issues, support plan etc are undertaken by all parties. The amount of effort required to reach this stage of course depends on the nature and size of the business opportunity being reviewed. The outcome of this meeting would be a decision to start working together as well as an agreed action plan on how this would proceed and be managed.

Ohori Capital can assist in all stages of the investment process and of would normally seek to be actively involved in the management review of activities after the Business Tollgate Meeting. However, our approach at all times is focused on being flexible and practical, therefore we can adapt our approach if required to suit each particular business opportunity.




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