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Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. (EMP) is an internationally focused technology company based in Fukuoka, Japan that develops and markets innovative eco-friendly solar, wind and electric marine power & propulsion systems. The company works with a number of strategic partners to offer a wide range of solutions including marine hybrid power, solar electric propulsion and wind & solar marine power systems for ships, ferries and other vessels.

Eco Marine Power is currently developing a wind power and solar energy system for ocean going vessels called the Aquarius MRE System. This innovative system will allow ships to utilise wind power and solar energy via an integrated system of rigid but movable sails in order to reduce fuel consumption plus lower noxious gas & greenhouse gas emissions. This sails are based on EMP's EnergySail technlogy.

In addition ship owners and operators will be able to reduce the carbon footprint of their fleet and employ the Aquarius MRE System on a wide variety of ships and vessels. The Aquarius MRE System will make ocean going vessels part solar ships and part sailing ships. The system is particularly suited for oil tankers, bulk ore carriers (bulkers) and survey ships.

Another cutting-edge green technology development project being undertaken by Eco Marine Power is the Tonbo solar-electric ferry or hybrid propulsion ferry. This innovative design project incorporates the latest solar module, battery and power management technology so that the Tonbo's fuel consumption and emission of noxious gases will be significantly less than other ships or ferries of the same size.

EMP also recently started working on a small solar-electric commuter ferry concept called the Medaka and is also studying how large scale renewable energy technologies can be incorporated into large ship designs via it's eco-ship study.


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