Aquarius Technology and Innovation Forum Established  - 23rd June 2013

Ohori Capital is pleased to announce that it has established the Aquarius Technology and Innovation Forum which will be administered and supported by its branch office in Fukuoka, Japan.

The aims of the Aquarius Technology & Innovation Forum or Aquarius TIF are:

- To encourage small and medium sized overseas based companies and ventures to co-operate in developing and promoting sustainable shipping, clean technology and ocean related technologies. Examples of these technologies include: renewable energy systems for shipping, tidal power solutions and vessel emission reduction technologies.

- To create partnerships globally in order to develop or refine innovative solutions to help protect and improve the ocean environment.

- To provide an active forum that encourages "original" or "visionary" thinking.

The Forum is based in Fukuoka, Japan, however seminars and meetings will also be arranged in other locations.

Ohori Capital will work to promote and support companies within the Aquarius TIF including raising their profiles towards potential investors.

Companies currently in the forum include Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd (Japan), Optistring Technologies AB (Sweden) and Corvus Energy Ltd (Canada).

For further information please visit the Aquarius Technology & Innovation Forum


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