Ohori Capital to Support Aquarius Innovation Lab  - 10th February 2014

Ohori Capital is pleased to announce that it will support ongoing activities at the Aquarius Innovation Lab in Osaka, Japan. This support will include project management & marketing services plus assistance via the Aquarius Innovation Forum.

The Aquarius Innovation Lab conducts research & design plus product development activities related to marine renewable energy systems and fuel saving technologies. Ongoing projects include the development of the Aquarius MRE System and EnergySail, both of which are being tested and evaluated at the lab.

The Aquarius Innovation Lab was established by KEI System Ltd and Eco Marine Power Ltd as part of their ongoing co-operation to develop fuel saving and emission reduction solutions. These solutions incorporate renewable energy, energy storage and computer system technologies.

The facility is located in Osaka, Japan, and includes an indoor test centre plus an outdoor area for evaluating the performance of hardware such as solar panels, rigid sails & wind power devices.

For more information of the lab please see: Aquarius Innovation Lab

Please note: Aquarius MRE System and EnergySail are trademarks of Eco Marine Power.


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